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Sunday, December 26, 2004

One Small State for One Great Nation

The Conservative Party say they would cut the number of MPs by about one-fifth if they were elected. This policy will form part of a series of proposals designed to bring down the size of government, to be unveiled later this week.

In short, I believe this is a good thing. The cynics argue that MPs are self-seeking, self-serving, irrelevant windbags. I'm sure we could do with a few less of those. Even those who are less cynical believe it is necessary to reduce the unnecessary and costly interference in people's lives that the State is the perpetrator of.

Other initiatives would be to iron out the unfairly high distribution of Westminster seats to the Scotland and Wales in particular. The average size of an English constituency was 70,000 people, Mr Howard said. In Northern Ireland it was just over 66,000, in Wales just over 59,000 and in Scotland 53,000. And the fact that this is the truth is odd when the latter three Home Nations have their own democratic forums - something that England, with its 70,000-strong constituencies doesn't have.

All parties these days are committed to reducing the number of civil servants, but what distinguishes Conservative plans are that they would bring down the numbers of ministers, parliamentarians and political advisors.

And finally, a referendum is promised for Wales to decide whether or not to scrap the Welsh Assembly. The New Labour product of devolution has been one big costly flop in all the places where it has been introduced. It is time to stem the tide and to return Britain its status as a political entity, and not a tiny federation of seperate entities. We are a small island, 'slightly smaller than Oregon' according to the CIA World Factbook. We should not make ourselves smaller. Of course, we should embrace our own local customs and values and identity, but we must not divide Britain any more.

To divide an island the size of Britain is like trying to cut up a mince pie into small pieces. It's certainly far easier to cut up a huge wedding cake than it is to cut up a mince pie.


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