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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What The Gov't Won't Tell Us

It turns out that the government is not going to tell the British people how many escaped convicts are still on the run. The number is on the rise, but we are not to be told exactly what the figure is.

We are left merely to guess at how many criminals are on our streets, running away from the law, and doubtless capable of committing crimes now that they're out of their cells.

It is dreadful that over 1,200 criminals escaped last year, and surely inevitable unless stringent security measures are put in place in all prisons - and that does NOT involve giving prisoners greater freedoms as some liberals might have you believe. That is a contradiction in terms!

What is just as dreadful is this government's blatant refusal to put this information into the public domain, or even to simply acknowledge that such a problem exists.

Let us hope they take the two issues at the crux of this matter - the problem of prison security and the problem of freedom of information - a little more seriously in the future.


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