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Monday, January 03, 2005

Alcoholism Needs To Be Destroyed, Not Fuelled

The Royal College of Physicians say plans to allow 24-hour drinking will increase the £1.7 billion spent by the NHS every year in treating alcohol-fuelled harm. They say the plans ‘fly in the face of common sense’.

The changes will be made next year as part of a complete overhaul in licensing laws. It is hoped that allowing pubs and clubs to stay open all day will stagger closing times and avoid drinkers spilling onto the streets at the same time.

The very fact that the government believes this move is necessary for that reason is proof that people are far too dependent on alcohol these days. Pubs are not just there as a social centrepiece any more. They are there to fuel the dependence of an alcoholic society.

A drastic social change is needed to solve this problem - and perhaps we could smash a few alcoholic heads together to get us out of the mess.


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