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Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Asian Tsunami Appeal

The United Nations is saying that areas hit by the appalling tsunami in south Asia could take up to a decade to recover. This is quite honestly a frightening prospect, but it is a prospect we simply have to live with now.

It is time for western nations and western people to do all they can to help the people of this shattered region.

The Japanese government is to send £260 million in aid; the Americans are to send £182 million; the British are promising £50 million. The nations of the west are doing a great deal, and there is probably very little else they can do.

It is probably an unfortunate thing when a society can only offer money to another group of people that have been destroyed in all ways. But so long as that is all the people can do, I urge anyone who feels so inclined to get out their wallets and purses and see what they can give.

The British people have a fine tradition for supporting those less fortunate parts of the world. It was a principle on which we built an Empire (though many tend to baulk at proclaiming such great things about the British Empire). Let us see if our international conscience is still with us.


At 3:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark although I agree I see you failed to mention the fact that all premiership football clubs gave £50,000. Although this seems alot if you look a little closer it is infact ridiculous. Considering this is not even the average players weekly wage we should really question is this right. A ticket for a game costs on average 30-40 pounds and considering the average attendance is well over 30,000 surly we could donate a little more? Mark could you remind me the original figure America were going to donate? Was it 18 million dollars?

At 3:18 pm, Blogger Mark O'Brien said...

To be absolutely frank, I think we should be grateful that an organization like the Premiership is giving anything at all. There is more we could all offer. Perhaps they are just worried that if this kind of thing happens again, there'll be an expectation for them to give some money next time round!


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