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Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Better New Year?

It's the first afternoon of a brand new year. It's the time when the last dregs of idealism from the night before have all but faded away. It's the time when the resolutions begin to falter (or rather, when the people who make them begin to falter).

I don't wish to be too pessimistic, but I do wish to be a realist. To all of you out there who have given something up or have promised yourselves that you will be in a far greater state of affairs come this time next year, I offer the very best of luck.

I myself have made a series of rather vague promises to myself, some of which might be fulfilled, the rest probably won't.

My message is this: let 2005 be the year when, once and for all, we do not let ourselves be guided by our hopes. Instead, let us guide our own hopes. Let us be the masters of our own destiny, not vice versa.

I have a huge tendency to think about the future a lot. What it might hold. What good may come. And what bad. I am starting to worry that whenever I have high hopes about the future, they fail to be fulfilled. Perhaps that is because I have got my head stuck in the clouds, rather than down on the ground where I should be.

In short, my message is this: let's control ourselves before we make 2005 another of those years in which we wanted so much, but earned so little.

A very happy new year to all.


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