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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Education Belongs Elsewhere

Ruth Kelly, Britain's new Education Secretary following Charles Clarke's recent promotion to the Home Office, says that parents are at the centre of a child's education.

It is wonderful to finally hear such a true statement from a government minister responsible for the welfare of British youth.

Mark Twain, I believe, once said, 'I never let my schooling interfere with my education'. It is a philosophy on education I truly believe in. Schools in Britain have become, for the most part, glorified daycare centres - nurseries for the slightly older. We all have idealistic visions of a perfect school, whether that vision is of a strict, authoritarian regime or of a free and liberal workplace for tomorrow's adult. But the real fact is that the young do not receive their 'proper' education in a sweaty classroom with thirty other disruptive clowns and show-offs. They learn what they need to learn from their family, from their friends (though the latter is sometimes a less fruitful lesson). And anything else they want to learn, they read about or learn about by themselves, with only very limited interference from anyone else.

School has always been regarded as the centrepiece to all education. It is not. Education is something that can not be truly acquired at school. Education belongs elsewhere.


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