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Friday, January 14, 2005

Euthanasia: This Century's Big Question?

A retired policeman who killed his terminally ill wife and then tried to kill himself has been spared jail. Naturally, this will probably reinvigorate the whole long and drawn-out, ethical debate over euthanasia (and the debate will be conducted with the same poor, uninteresting soundbites we're used to).

It is an awesome challenge to try and comprehend the virtue of endowing a human being the right to his or her own death. Certainly, I am nowhere near reaching a conclusion in my own mind to whether euthanasia (even for the most chronically ill patient whose family and whose doctors agree that their life is not worth living) is a good practice for a society to conduct.

Perhaps one day we will all reach a conclusion. Certainly, after today's news it appears the law courts are beating the rest of us to the answer.


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