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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Common Agricultural Policy

The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is becoming increasingly difficult to justify. Its auditors call it organised crime. It is a crushing weight which keeps down the farmers of the Third World. It is subsidising farmers across the continent for producing what nobody wants. It is making agriculture an old-fashioned industry in this country, lacking the kind of dynamism we associate with other trades nowadays. And it is the hobby horse of the political elites of Europe, but few others.

As difficult as it may be, and as controversial as it certainly would be, I believe Britain should attempt to secede from the Common Agricultural Policy. At a stroke, prices in our supermarkets would tumble. A typical refrain by those who are happy seeing Britain turn into a nation of junk-food eaters is that it is cheaper to buy a chocolate bar than it is to buy a chicken. Leave the CAP, and that will never be an easy claim to make. If we were to leave the CAP unilaterally, that would be a significant gesture against poverty in the Third World. The gesture would become action if our departure led to the collapse of the wretched system. If Britain were to leave the destructive CAP, there would be a benign ripple around the globe.

For the good of farmers, for the good of consumers, and for the good of the poorest people in the Third World, we must support the cause of abolition of the Common Agricultural Policy.


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