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Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Department of Commerce

What do we think about when we hear the words 'the Department for Trade and Industry'? Perhaps we think of the old, nationalised, state-dominated industries that belong to a past and less prosperous era. Perhaps we think of the pointless bureaucracy that seems to sum up most of the work in modern-day Whitehall. No matter what we think, not much of it is positive.

Now is the time for the old-fashioned DTI to be remodelled as a Department of Commerce, with a general responsibility for maintaining a favourable economic environment for business, for technological, economic and statistical infrastructure, for trade policy, for regulation and competition policy, and for identifying and, where appropriate, advising on the national industrial and commercial needs.

A new department should rigorously examine the programmes of other government offices which impinge on the competitiveness of the British economy and should give more robust ministerial advice, and ultimately a stronger voice in government.

A new, modern department resonsible for trade, industry, commerce and e-commerce would work in partnership with business, not interfere. A new, modern department would send a signal that Britain is determined to re-vitalise her economy once again, and to make her one of the most prosperous nations in a changing global field.


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