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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

School Dinners

So the benevolent government have taken action. 60 pence is going to be spent on secondary school students’ meals, and 50 pence on those in primary school. That solves the problem, doesn’t it?

Of course not. Firstly, what kind of foods can be purchased for 60 pence? Only the worst, least nutritious crap ever processed by a machine. Second, who seriously thinks an extra few pence per student will end the dependency of our society on junk food? All this means is the junk food schools make available for their students will be a trifle more expensive. Third, who ever wanted the government to intrude on schools?

Here’s a wicked idea: why not give schools complete independence from the State, accompanied by complete independence over their own budgets? Why not give parents endowments from the government to spend at any school they wish? That way, schools would be made accountable for every move they made, including the value they place on good nutrition for their students.

And then there’s the government. I’m not so reckless to advocate a government which does nothing about these serious problems. Why can’t the government make an agreement with the companies who provide school meals so that trashy foods like turkey dinosaurs and smiley faces made of fried potato can finally be confined to the dustbin?

Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money. It’s the government’s response to every populist cause. It’s easy for them to do. It looks good in the press too, because it actually gives the impression of action.

Do not expect a great change in the food children eat at their schools – often the most substantial meal they get on any given day. Do not expect change when the government gives a little more money.


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