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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It's Election Time!

It's election time and the whole country comes to its feet declaring their love for our political leaders in proud and united voice, only to realise, so unfortunately, that they must make a choice between the greatest men and women ever to have graced our fair island.

Okay, irony's not attractive! But this general election could turn out to be quite an important one for so many reasons. The solid gold economic legacy left by the last Conservative government is ebbing away thanks to futile tax and spend programmes emanating from the office of our revered Chancellor of the Ex-Chequer. There are growing fears about the state of British public services, and our society in general. There is a desire for radical reforms across all different fields in our country's affairs.

Yet the political parties are offering much more of the same.

The Labour Party is proud of its economic record, even though the economy was made great by men and women who had nothing to do with the Labour Party (merely a determination to destroy it). Labour has been expedient in destroying the economic legacy of previous governments. They naively make the Great Follower Mr. Blair out to be a Great Leader on the world stage. And they make hundreds of neat-sounding pledges which will simply place an ever greater burden on the taxpayer, and give enormous powers to the State.

Meanwhile the Conservative Party are promising fairly radical changes, but these are pretty meek. As has been pointed out by observers of the Howard Flight affair, the remarks he made about 'true' Tory spending plans were the stuff of dreams for so many Thatcherite thinkers in the party. They will still increase government revenue as a percentage of GDP, only at a slightly lower rate. The Tories are not offering the radical programme we need in this country.

And then you have the Liberal Democrats. The wooly-thinking, silly, naive Liberal Democrats who want to raise billions through raising taxes for the highest earners so that they can pay for top quality care for the elderly and the abolition of university tuition fees (even though taxing people much more ironically yields lesser government revenue thanks to the negative effect of high taxes on economic growth and the desire of high earners to find loopholes around a harsh tax code).

This general election could be an opportunity for great radicals to offer a new programme of reform for our country. Instead, it is yet another showcase of blandness.


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