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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lib Dems: A Recipe For Disaster

The Liberal Democrats have spent the day trumpeting their education policies, particularly their promise to bring down primary school class sizes. I'm sure we are all enthralled by their hopes, and we can't wait for the day when they bring their dreams to fruition, but one must ask the question: HOW?!

School headteachers have been crying out that bringing down class sizes is practically an impossible job. It can not be done by governments when there is a scarcity of teachers and buildings for schools (something that can not be quickly fixed by more money). It just can't be done. The Liberal Democrats are not telling us how they intend to do it - but rest assured that it will have something to do with higher taxes and bungling bureaucracy!

So that's one policy thrown to the lions. What about tuition fees?

Yes, they want to abolish university tuition fees. They want to see universities facing massive underfunding, just like all the hospitals and schools across Britain that rely on state funding. Many would, I'm certain, have to close. Those that don't would be hanging on by a thread. It is worrying to think that the likes of Oxford, Cambridge or Durham will become state-funded, state-ruled, state-destroyed cesspits of educational poverty. Abolishing tuition fees is another example of Lib Dem woolly-thinking, designed to attract students across the country. The big worry is that so far they're succeeding in doing precisely that!

The Liberal Democrats clearly do not understand the massive problems in every nook and cranny of the education system, and if they ever had a chance of gaining power, please be afraid of anybody who becomes Education Secretary under a Charles Kennedy administration.


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