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Sunday, May 29, 2005

France and Europe

It appears that the French have rejected the European Constitution. Of course, we know absolutely nothing about what this will mean for the future of the EU. This institution is one of the most secretive around the globe, and has been designed for that purpose. Jean Monnet, its founding father, did say that the Community should take slow steps towards federalism which would be disguised as having an economic purpose.

Over the last few months I have often come to think: can you imagine George Washington putting a spin on the American Constitution back in the 1700s or the people of Massachusetts rejecting the draft because it was geared too much to the benefit of New Hampshire. The charade of the Constitution is proof if it were needed that Europe can never be one great power. It's just not our destiny, and it should not be forced by the federalists who make up the continent's political elites.

It has often been said by those who support the free market as the greatest way of achieving a great society that the European Union will eventually either evolve into an organization truly committed to free trade, or it will simply collapse.

My hope has always been that one of those outcomes will come true - I'm not too bothered whether it is the former or the latter. But the people of Europe can not - and must not - surrender themselves to become part of a European superstate against their wishes. That is not our destiny at all, and we must merely accept that. We can not become an evermore glued-together union just to satisfy the wishes of men like Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroder, as well as their friends concealed behind thick doors in Brussels and Strasbourg.

The coming months will make the scene clearer. If the European Union refuses to learn their French lesson, then it will become obvious that the 'dream' of a European superstate is fast becoming a reality that we must use all force at our disposal to combat. But if they listen and take note, then we will all be better off.

Am I cynical in expecting the Europeans will go on arrogantly ignoring the wishes of their respective electorates? Am I not communautaire enough because I can not accept that a truly unified Europe is our destiny? Am I plainly obstinate because I want to do all that is humanly possible to ensure that Britain is a strong power in the world and not part of a glued-together Europe?

Please, be you British, European or Martian, tell me that you are not part of the elite who want a European superstate, but part of the majority who want freedom!


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