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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tax Freedom Day

Today is Tax Freedom Day!!

Today is the day when we stop working just to line the government's pockets and start working for ourselves. Today is the day when the average worker in Britain has earned enough to pay their tax bill for the year.

It comes three days later than last year and five days later than the year before. The Adam Smith Institute has pinned the blame for the rise on Labour's national insurance and council tax rises. What is even more stark is that it is set to move into June next year unless taxes are cut.

We all know the dangers of high taxes. We've all rehearsed them over and over again, and we've all worked out that only the naive and the unthinking believe higher taxes will bring better services and a better economy. It is urgent that taxes are cut, and they must be cut at a phenomenal rate - by that I don't mean raising taxes but at a slower rate, or cutting national insurance just a tad. I mean a real overhaul of Britain's tax system. The abolition of all the silly nuisance taxes would be a good start - the abolition of inheritance tax or car tax, in favour of road tolls.

I believe in a strong Britain of only two taxes - a flat-rate of income tax, with a generous personal allowance of non-taxed income; and a local sales tax to replace VAT, which would pay for local government.

We don't need a mighty State any more, because a mighty State is the most abhorrent obstacle in the face of economic progress, which benefits the richest and the poorest, and which is ironically the greatest way to achieve the kind of social equality that pro-government socialists like to talk about.

A truly reforming government would not push Tax Freedom Day back by one or two days, but by months!


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