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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

2001: The Bad Old Days

An opinion poll has been carried out which shows that 54% of Conservative Party members would support David Davis as Leader of the Party. But this was never really in doubt, was it? Of course the Conservative Party would back David Davis, which is precisely why the leadership wants to take away the remaining powers of the grassroots in elect a leader. The worst thing about polls like this coming out day after day is that they get the press, and thus the people speculating about the future leadership, even though the contest has not even begun yet. This Phoney War is not only frustrating and pointless, but will only damage us. Michael Howard has announced he shall resign soon. He can't go back on that, so now he must do it soon so that we can get this leadership campaign over with quickly and then mount an almighty fight to get back into government and do great things for society.

The last leadership election shall be remembered as one of division, tearing our party apart, not just over trivial policy areas, but over principles too. The Conservative Party - the most unified mainstream party in Britain, full of men and women all devoted to the cause of freedom of the people against State supremacy - was in seriously danger of drifting into the abyss, of becoming destroyed by an earthquake made at a fault line that MPs, activists and the press had imagined and which was never really there. 2003 was a watershed, as it marked a turning point. The whole party united around a leader so remarkably that there was no need for a conventional election process. 2005 should not be the year when we go back to the bad old days of 2001 and beyond.


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