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Sunday, June 19, 2005

We Must Destroy The Fabian Slavery

We see socialist propaganda all around us. We’re taught in our schools more and more that competition is akin to evil. We hear it in conversations which conclude when one person says, ‘Why can’t the government do something about it’. And sometimes it comes with enduring images like the Tale of the Two Donkeys which is supposed to show us why it is good to co-operate.

I was thinking about this cartoon - which I’m sure many readers will have come across in their time - and I suddenly realised what the capitalist, the libertarian and the conservative solution to the donkeys’ problem was.

The two donkeys should not have kept on pulling in opposite directions to reach their food. Instead, you have to ask why it is that they were tied together in the first place. This shows the socialist ambition for people: to control us and tie us together so that all our spirit and all our creativity is drained away and so that we will just follow their ideals without question. The best way for people to work - and the best way for the two donkeys to be fed - is to release them, to give them the freedom to roam and to seek their own nourishment, to chart their own destiny.

I do not believe that this is the capitalist way, the libertarian way or the conservative way. I believe it is the way any man or woman with respect for the freedom of every individual, family and community would consider the right way.

And perhaps it is unfair to label the other way as the socialist way, when many of socialist leaning do not condone the rule of the State in every aspect of the lives of we, the people. Perhaps it is the doctrine of the Fabians which we should rise up against, as their ideas are the very cornerstones of our broken society. The Fabians believed fundamentally that scientific answers were the only ones which could solve social problems. They believed that some distant, omniscient expert could reach the right answer to our problems, not the citizen. They believed that the answer to the complexity of modern society required central planning for it to avoid implosion. And they believed that democracy was a social bad, because they assumed people would happily agree with the logical results of social scientists without objection.

The Fabian way is sinister and basically evil, yet it is the basis of British governance today. Decisions are made about our schools, our hospitals and every aspect of our lives by ‘experts’ in government departments. We, the people, are ruled from afar, with only the limited freedoms that have been won back by political leaders with the guts to stand up and say ‘no’. We are treated with contempt by the ruling elites, who expect to have the first and last say on our lives. We are not a people at freedom, but suppression.

The challenge of the twenty-first century is to destroy the Fabian orthodoxies that have drained the spirit of Britain and that have turned us all into subjects of the State, not free citizens. The challenge of the twenty-first century is to fundamentally and radically change British society so that we take back our liberty and become great again. The challenge of the twenty-first century is to cut the rope that keeps the donkeys from deliverance.


At 10:00 am, Anonymous Anomaly Resource said...

But how to do this? To be sure, voting for 'conservatives' or 'capitalists' will not be enough. For, there is an even bigger dichotomy than socialist and capitalist or liberal and conservative, and that is people in power who are corrupt and those in power who are not. To me, the definition of a politician is 'one who is corrupt.'
Parents will say that they make allowances for their kids. I say, we make far more allowances for our politicians.

And what mythical former age are you suggesting we return to? Every age has its problems. All governments become corrupt. There is no perfect system. Freedom does not last.

What advice would you give to one who has become disillusioned?

If it is true that kings are God-appointed, and therefore we should obey them, what then do we have to do with them? It's out of our hands. But we are kings of our own lives and guardians of our families. We can influence people by the way we treat our neighbors.

To think that one can make one's government better by voting or becoming a political pundit is vanity.

In a country where the voting system is used, its citizens are only participating in an official poll, which lets those in power know to what degree their machinations are being accepted by the populace.

To the extent that a government remains good, it will continue; when a government becomes bad, it will self-destruct. What does one who does not seek power have to do with governments?

I know of families that have been divided because members placed their politics above their love for each other. They cannot even have an honest conversation without ending up screaming at each other or without coming away feeling hurt and betrayed.

When I visit political forums with both liberals and conservatives, scorn, sarcasm, and name-calling are abundant on both sides. It's not a big deal on the internet, but what happens when that kind of attitude enters into the way we treat our neighbors?

And finally: When a civilization is declining, fighting anything but the source of its decline, which is the common morality of its people, is useless. If the people fight the left, then they will have a rightist declining civilization. If the people fight the right, then they will have a leftist declining civilization. A civilization which is in extreme decline is very hard to label either left or right; it's just bad, and on its way to self-destruction.

At 11:35 am, Blogger Mark O'Brien said...

The answer to all the very important points that you have made is for the politicians to take powers away from themselves and hand them down to small communities, even individuals and families where that is possible. There are various ways in which this kind of decentralisation of power can be achieved, but the truth is that people from across the political spectrum believe in reducing the scope of the government - from socialists of the William Morris tradition to capitalist readers of Adam Smith and Milton Friedman. The big state - which inevitably results in greedy politics run by a tiny but powerful elite - is propped up by the modern-day Establishment who are all, whether they think so or not, Fabians. This is why the next government which comes to power with an agenda of devolution of powers and responsibilities back to individuals, families and communities will be one of the most radically anti-Establishment governments in history.

But how do we achieve this 'real devolution'? Just through changing structures, for example introducing school vouchers to give parents real power over their children's schools? Or does it require something even more revolutionary than that? I've written on this site about how local democracy can be reignited by making it much stronger and much more local.

If we can develop a civil society in which the poor are protected by the rich, a prosperous society in which people are rewarded for hard work and not punished, and a localised society in which neighbourhoods work together to achieve their goals, then I think we would be doing very well indeed.

At 10:57 am, Anonymous Anomaly Resource said...

I will continue reading your blog. It will be interesting to see how long your faith in politicians or your faith in your own power lasts.
You also make some very good points and for a moment I caught myself imagining some ironed-out utopian system where everyone is doing very well indeed, but then the comforting vision dissolved against the backdrop of the constant diplomacy that waters down truth, the revolution that leads to anarchy, the bold plan for order that leads to the police-state... everything man strives to do, he will fail.

At 10:13 pm, Blogger Kevin said...

Whay are the donkeys tied together? Good question.


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