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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another Indictment of the French Elites

On the same day that London's soul has been punched, just for a short moment, by cowardly terrorist thugs whose desire is only to harm their fellow man, the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, has accused the London team of dirty tactics in the run-up to yesterday's vote which brought the 2012 Olympic Games to one of the greatest cities in the world.

"I am simply not sure that we behaved in the same way as regards the rules of the competition," he told Le Figaro newspaper. "Our bid was excellent. Our state of mind was really appropriate to sport and the Olympic spirit. Other things brought London victory and I am not sure they are to do with sport."

In a startling testimony to bad sportsmanship and being a bad loser, the French media have been unashamedly ruthless in their accusal of the London team, claiming that Britain had employed her secret services in some way to help the bid.

France deserves to be shamed. The third failed Parisien bid in twenty years is proof that a country of remarkable prestige such as theirs can fall to a new low when it loses its way. All the Frenchmen and women I know personally are delightful people. However, their nation has become stifled with another bout of self-loving and arrogant self-comfort in the wake of another defeat.

But that Olympic verdict must not be the last defeat to cripple Monsieur Chirac's ego and that of the French Establishment. It is time for the Franco-centric European Union to, as I have already said time and again - but most starkly of all in the early hours of this morning - reform or be destroyed.

The sickening behaviour of the French in the wake of the Olympic verdict is a damning indictment of a great country. Her people do not deserve to be thought of as so rude and villainous.


At 3:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the attrocities such as an unwarranted attack on the innocent, is this REALLY the best reation this man could have?

He should be ashamed of himself.


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