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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blair's Slack Way Of Tackling Terrorism

I came across this article by an American writer today who says that regardless of all our bravado claims about standing shoulder to shoulder with America, particularly over Iraq, Britain has shown itself to be very weak and impotent in the face of Islamic extremism. Conversely, countries like France, who have been diametrically opposed to the American position at times, are standing up to Islamic extremism.

More and more, it is hard to condone the approach that the British government takes towards terrorist suspects. On the one hand, they seek to craft a society in which other cultures are effectively discouraged from integrating into our society and in which the home culture has to move mountains to integrate others. This is so devastating particularly in areas like Beeston in Leeds, where the terror suspects came from, because all sense of local community has been so destroyed over time that talk of integration is silly - there's nothing to integrate with!

And on the other hand, the government seeks to look tough by taking away more and more of the ancient civil liberties of the law-abiding majority and giving the incompetent and political Home Secretary the right to lock suspects up and not the right-minded (usually) and impartial judiciary.

The Prime Minister, it appears, has earned some credit for the handling of the terrorist attacks in London this month. But in truth, his government's position on dealing with terrorism has been consistently slack and misguided for years.


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