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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I Hereby Announce My Defection...

Over the last few weeks, months and years, my never particularly strong support for the European Union has been waning. It has declined in my estimation so far that now the only defence I can muster is to argue that it is a part of the myriad of British influence in the world: we are the only country which can claim to be a G8 leader, to have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, to be at the heart of the Commonwealth, to be a founding member of NATO, and to be a net contributor to the EU. Britain, I have told myself for too long, is the keystone of the global community. However, after glancing through Vernon Coleman’s book ‘England Our England’, subtitled ‘A Nation in Jeopardy - Sound reasons to reject the euro and the EU’, I have become convinced that there is no longer any defence for the great European project.

Taking just a sample of paragraphs from the short and concise, yet extraordinary book is enough to deal the fatal blow that the European Union deserves. If you read this book, you will discover that:

  • People will soon swear an allegiance to the European Union.

  • Political parties of which the EU disapproves may be banned under legislation to come into effect soon.
  • Members of Europe's official police force Europol can beat you up, smash your property, rape you and kill you for no reason at all and will be immune from prosecution.

  • £600 million is spent by the EU to hire university professors who will teach students the importance and greatness of the Union.

  • The EU wants to abolish habeas corpus in favour of a continental system called corpus juris. The lay magistrates will be abolished and trial without jury will be introduced (as has already been put to the House of Commons by a man who is sadly my near-namesake, Mike O'Brien).

  • The Deputy Prime Minister's regional assemblies aren't true devolution but will create a myriad of small subsidiary regions which will make up the European superstate.

  • As a result of EU regulation and the Common Agricultural Policy, the average British household spends £1,000 more on food every year.

  • Europol has set up files holding at least 56 different types of evidence on people it suspects may commit crimes against EU law in the future.

  • The EU will soon be able to ban books (and probably weblogs!) which are critical of the Union.

  • Talking or writing about the possibility of leaving the EU may soon be illegal.

  • When Edward Heath signed up to the Treaty of Rome which took Britain into the EU, he knew it would lead to a European superstate, but he denied this to the British people.

This disturbing mixture of economic, political and social reforms, coupled with the undertones prevalent in them all show that the European Union is an institution founded on the basis of taking freedoms away from we, the people. Not only do the European political elites seek to create a new European State. They want it to be so tyrannical and so oppressive and so brutally intrusive that the Soviet Union and Hitler's Germany alike would have been impressed.

These can not be described as the ramblings of silly, eccentric men dreaming it all up. That would doubtless be the rebuttal of the European Establishment, who are precisely the people who want to take our freedoms and create their basis for power.

We should seek to craft a European Union which respects and preserves the identity of its member nations, not one which glosses them over so that we may all conform with the perverse fantasies of our leaders and see the creation of one European nation. We should seek a Europe on the model of the Commonwealth - an institution for trade, to bring together nations in harmony, not in Statehood. That would require the abolition of all the trade barriers in Europe, all the regulation and directives created in the name of harmonisation, and all the institutions of Statehood, from the Parliament to the Commission. And if we fail, then Britain should no longer attempt to justify her place in the European Union.

It is for all these reasons that I, Mark O'Brien, hereby declare that it is my fervent wish to see Britain leave the European Union and become great and free once again.


At 9:45 pm, Anonymous zenegra said...

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At 10:18 pm, Blogger Derek said...

You have made the right decision. For the latest on the machinations of the EU why not visit the excellent blog: .

At 2:06 am, Blogger Toque said...

Most definately the correct decision. Good work.


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