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Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Bad Time To Be A Copper

The family of Jean Charles de Menezes now say that Sir Ian Blair has tried to buy their silence with an offer worth around £560,000 of compensation.

As someone who privately suggested that Sir Ian Blair should give money out of his own salary to pay for the cancer treatment of Mr de Menezes's father (and on this blog in a comment just days ago) my suggestion should, according to the family, have been treated as 'blood money'.

It appears that the family now want to drag this on and on. They say that all they want is to ask Sir Ian why he has told lies about the young Brazilian, which is not unreasonable. I just wonder when the family will let it rest. Sir Ian Blair's resignation should by now be inevitable (and greeted with a reserved, if slightly ashamed because the man does represent Britain for the Brazilian people, kind of joy on this blog). If that is achieved and they 'get their answers', will the family finally let this embarrassing affair lay to rest. Or do they want to make this go on and on so that nobody has any trust in the police any more?

On the Samizdata blog, meanwhile, I mooted a suggestion that the next Met Chief should be elected, and not appointed from the shadowy policing Establishment. After all, it works elsewhere in the world, in places where the politicians and bureaucrats and elites actually have some faith in the power of the people. The suggestion was met with a divided response, and the main arguments against it appear to be that we supposedly politically literate people can't trust the unclean masses to understand the issues or take it seriously.

Welcome to liberal Britain in the twenty-first century!

(EDIT: I don't know what and who to believe any more, but it now appears that the first paragraph of this article is not true, and the Brazilian family have not been offered compensation money.)


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