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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Robin Cook

Robin Cook, the former Foreign Secretary and Leader of the House of Commons, who resigned honourably from the Cabinet when he objected to the invasion of Iraq, died suddenly yesterday after collapsing whilst climbing in the Scottish Highlands.

Aside from his inevitable resignation over a matter of principle, Mr. Cook will be remembered for his great ability as a parliamentarian and for his efforts as Foreign Secretary to achieve an 'ethical dimension' to our foreign policy.

I was fortunate enough to attend a talk which he gave at a bookstore in Leeds to discuss his memoirs around two years ago. And whilst I personally disagreed with almost everything that he stood for (from some of his efforts to modernise parliament to his position on Iraq) I have always been struck by how Mr. Cook, despite the very nature of his profession, has stayed forever true to his principles and kept his honour. That is what he is admired for, and rightly so.

He will be dearly missed.


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