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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Time Will Tell

December 2005 will be remembered as the month when David Cameron was elected to the leadership of the Conservative Party by a significant margin. Like many other Conservative activists with a determined belief in the importance of bringing a Tory government back to power at the next election, and in the hope that he would be the best choice to achieve that goal, I placed my cross by the name of Cameron, and remain happy to have done so.

Outside the party, Mr Cameron has had a good few weeks so far. Opinion polls have placed him as the public's favourite choice for the premiership before he's even had to open his mouth on any significant policy area. But within the party, his plans for a centralised list to bring together the best candidates for the safest seats, not to mention his movement on environmental issues, as well as his recent manoeuvring to bring Liberal Democrats closer to the Conservative cause, and the overall general impression that our traditional conservative and libertarian principles are being ignored for the sake of electoral expediency, has stirred concern in some quarters.

It remains to be seen whether this concern is deserved or not. Time will tell.